Biến tần Bonfiglioli

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Biến tần Bonfiglioli
Bonfiglioli has been a leading international player in power transmission and control for over 50 years, and provides complete automation solutions for all areas of industry including the packaging, beverage, textile, food, ceramic, wood, mining and metal processing industries.
Frequency inverters Bonfiglioli that can be scaled and adapted to match application needs: compact, sensorless, servo-drive, high efficiency.

Bảng giá biến tần Bonfiglioli Active Cube Frequency Inverters
The Bonfiglioli Active Cube series is designed to enable you to maximize the opportunities in machine automation. Extensive motor controls and functionality allow Active Cube to be used in the design of effective and easy automation solutions for a wide variety of industrial machinery and plants.
3 phase 200-240 V, capacity from 0,25 kW to 9,2 kW
3 phase 380-480 V, capacity from 0,25 kW to 132 kW